Through the Walls

by Jon Simons

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Through the Walls, originally released in 1999 by Skyscape Records, has developed a niche following in the states as well as in the UK and Europe. Jon recorded the album during a six week spell of complete solitdue, using old analog gear and without the help of comptuers or samplers.

In March of 2013, one of Europe's finest mastering engineers, Tim Young (Metropolis, London), painstakingly remastered the record from the original analog mix tapes. The remastered album enables Analog Sea to release audiophile quality, 180g vinyl pressings, along with high-resolution downloads, and CD.

Through the Walls starts out like a movie, with sounds of a person coming home from a days work, fixing a drink, starting up a record, and relaxing in a favorite chair. The disk ends with the rumbling sounds of the sea. What lies in-between is a surreal journey through Jon’s creative mind. In this record, Jon fuses sparse and sometimes melancholic folk guitar structures lush orchestrations and dreamlike harmonies.


released December 1, 1999

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Jon Simons during a six week spell of

Recorded on an analog, 8-track, reel-to-reel recorder without the use of computers or samplers.

Mixed by Mark Hallman at Congress House, Austin (1999).

Remastered from the original analog tapes by Tim Young at Metropolis, London (2013).

Photography by Julia Robinson. Design by Jon Simons and Brook Sefton.



all rights reserved


Jon Simons Austin, Texas

Jon Simons is a contemporary singer-songwriter and poet. Originally from Texas, he has been touring and releasing albums since 1999. While his recordings are often lush, with dreamlike overdubs and layered vocal harmonies, his solo performances retain the sparse and melancholic qualities of the original songs. ... more

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Track Name: Soldiers of a Kind
Soldiers of a Kind

Soldiers line up in rows
They follow lines not knowing why they go
We’re all soldiers of a kind
The witch is flying free
Told the white angel how to die

The rain falls
The skies crash
We’re together at last

I’m pulsing now
In a trance
Will the blood god join me in his dance

I see my lady in the fog
And I know she’ll love me in time
But will she know me inside
And the witch is flying free
Told the white angel how to die

My desperate cries meet enemy eyes
Another patriot falls smoothly to the ground

I can see a grave
It’s laced in valentine
Built on society’s design
Can you hear the sound?
It’s coming from underground
Track Name: The Love Troll
The Love Troll

She has this sort of war in mind
Shows me channels of a different kind
Tells me to leave the others behind
Then wonders when I’ll call

She wanders my yard with long gray strides
Playing my death like the monkey ride
Plotting to hook in my other side
Then wonders when I’ll fall

Seashore thighs and want more eyes
Repeating words that hypnotize
Her devil knows angel’s sighs
Another pin in the doll

Fallout shelter of dye and tin
Candle’s burning that lion’s den
An open door to close me in
Gravestones stand strong and tall
Track Name: Body Down
Body Down

I know a land not too far away
Watch the willows, back and forth they sway
See the mountain, not too high a climb
See the city, got blood on the sign

There’s the hound, body down
Body down on the ground
Stop running around—lock up that hound
And get that body off the ground

In a maze of brick and vine
I heard her screaming but failed to find
Met a man with one hand on the sun
Broke my knees then taught me how to run

Home at last from the fight
See my hands, black as night
See the fountain, laced in time
Count the ripples as they fade in rhyme
Track Name: Predator

Fall into your favorite chair
But they may find you there
Don’t stare, beware
Be aware of the predator

Crawl into your favorite shell
Hope you’re feeling well
Sit tight, for the night
When it’s right you’ll turn to air

Run, you’re time is under the gun
See me, under this rock in the sea
Hate, it only makes you the bate
Feel real, hope that this pain will heal

Leave it in your sheathe tonight
I’ve already lost the fight
Take your quarters from my case
Have I written poor on my face?

Be still in your ways
Or they’ll come and take them away
That’s me on my knees
Until I cure this disease

All the colors swirl in your mind
Yellow and green are colors of kind
All your friends form a circle
All the love your hands can find

But it’s not solitude after all
Doesn’t even brake my fall
Can’t see the blood on my arm
Can’t see the blackness in my eyes
Can’t seem to help me rise from this hole
Track Name: Crystal Blue
Crystal Blue

Dusty photo of a city ruin
You lay naked in the corner of your room
They say that we’re safe inside
But I know where they keep their bombs

You are coming through in crystal blue
Nothing else would ever do
You are coming through in crystal blue
The inner you is coming through

Rusty auto on a busy street
You miss the soil touching your feet
Seasons change invites in the rain
The storm’s to blame inside your brain
Can’t feel money can’t feel fame
The fire’s moving into your lane

You are coming through in crystal true
Nothing else would ever do
You are coming through in crystal true
The inner you is coming through

A hand-me-down for a shallow grave
Catch the first train from Crown to Slave
Missed the step that mommy made
Lost your step but found the blade
Track Name: Mind Games
Mind Games

And do you think it would be better
If I took you by surprise?
And do you think you would feel happier
If I lived inside a disguise?

Your love, it dances like a sunbeam
Your stare, it makes the oceans cry
And when it seems as though we’re sailing
I hear thunder in the sky

You say it’s all up inside my mind
But I think I’m doing just fine

Catch your heart before it breaks
‘Cause when it breaks you’ll be alone
Through the window he comes
with thunder and rain
Tells you a story you’ve always known

Wipe your tears before you wash away
Maybe then you’ll see some light of day
Through the soil I can hear you say
That you can’t sleep through the night

I guess it’s all up inside your mind
On track now can’t get behind
Life is short gotta save my time
I guess it’s all up inside your mind
I’ll catch up when I see the sign
If your love doesn’t make me blind

And I told you that line,
told you I’m feeling fine
And I prayed for you, for me,
but then you go away
And I told you every secret that I know
So I guess it’s up inside your mind
Track Name: Maybe Rainfall
Maybe Rainfall

It may sound crazy, but you’re on my mind
I’ll forget these wicked thoughts so I’ll feel fine
Snow fall heaven, snow fall time
Forget your wicked games and you’ll be mine

How much do you want for love?
How much do you want for love?
How much do you want
To fly above my windowsill?
So that I’ll feel free

It may be rainfall, but I can’t see straight
Here’s my pass sir, please open the gate
The train is leaving soon, at half past eight
Here’s my toll sir, I can’t be late

May sound crazy, but he’s after me
Hiding in my night shade and the bottom
of the sea
There will come a day when we meet
And I will return to the bottom of the sea